I  am  a  self – development  and  career  coach  for  students  and  working  professionals  who  want  to  pursue  a  career  they  passionate  about  and  live  a  regret  free  life .

What is career coach and why am I different from other career coaches out there?

          A career coach is someone who helps others making informed decisions about their career development and give them the necessary tools to achieve their goals.

          Most career coaches teach others how to get a job lead, write a perfect resume and nail the interview. Not me! I solve a very specific problem which most people struggle with but only a few of them did something about it. That is what do you want in your career life and how do you make that dream career become a reality. You can’t get what you want if you don’t even know what that is. Also, you can’t make the dream come true if you don’t believe yourself. Those are the main focus on my coaching sessions.

I believe when your heart knows what it wants, the rest will follow.

How did I discover coaching and how I see coaching?

          I discovered coaching when I was researching my new business ideas. I always knew that I am going to be an entrepreneur because I was raised that way with my mom as a role model. When I stamped on that article about coaching, there was an aha-moment. I knew I want to help and teach people. I thought I was going to be a professor at some point in my life but I don’t want to stand in front of a boring classroom and lecture people. Plus this coaching thing can be my new business adventure. So with a ton of research, I found me a business coach to see how this coaching thing works. Guess what, the biggest lesson I had learned is– the worst thing you can do to yourself is telling yourself that you can do everything on your own! Coaching is the best investment I have ever made. Something you don’t know you just don’t know, like what is email funnel and what is PLR. I have never heard of those in my MBA class. A great coach can help you reaching your goal twice as fast and the outcome is ten times better. Because they been there and done that. The thing they are teaching not just a theory, they have proven the formula works. They want to share those with the world to help others. And that is exactly what I want in my program. I have been developing this formula though out my whole life and this formula has helped me making some important career changes. Also, I have used this formula to help others just like you.

The worst thing you can do to yourself is telling yourself that you can do everything on your own!

If you want to know why people are the way they are now,

first, you have to look at the past and understand where they came from.

          Growing up in China, I spent most of my childhood in school and buried myself in mountains and mountains of books. At that time no one thought anything different. Parents and teachers were all telling you this is the only way to get ahead in your life—get good grades, go to good school and get a good job. After junior high, things changed. There was a voice in my head telling me to be different. I found myself in love with personal development books and started to rethink everything: Why do I go to school 8hrs a day? Why do I study something I probably never going to use? Why are painting and knitting known as wasting my time?

What is my purpose in life?

          The voice in my head got louder by the day. Finally, I decided to leave the home and country I familiar with, come to America to find the purpose in my life. Things are very different here. Children go to school for only 5hr a day with little to no homework. They can do pretty much anything without getting told as wasting your time. Everyone here is saying follow your heart and go get what you want in life.

          So that is exactly what I did—I studied fashion design. Of course, my family disagrees. They think all artists are homeless and they want me to study nursing because this will get me a “good” job. And I didn’t listen to them. I know I rather do something I love than a job that pays well but I don’t enjoy because I will hate my life and change jobs eventually. Those few years in art school was the happiest I have ever felt. I was great at school because I love what I do even when I was working until 3 o’clock in the morning. After graduation, I found myself a good job in the Downtown LA. Things were good for a while. Then the voice appeared again—

I love to design but office job is not right for me.

          So I quitted that to become a retail manager. (Of course, there are debates with family and internal struggles. But I know I have to do what my heart desires.) I love the interaction I had with the customers and co-workers. Then I realized there are so many people struggling to find what they want in life. I often found people hate their jobs and don’t know what else to do. There are people going to community college for years and still couldn’t decide what they want to study.

That is why I have decided to become a career coach.

How can I help you to find your dream career?

          I have been in your shoes and know how you feel when no one understands your thoughts, your decisions, and your dream. Friends and families say they are protecting you by putting you on the path they think you should go. But the reality is only you can and should decide your path, because:

At the end of the day, you are the one regretting your life. Not them!

          Now I have overcome all the objections both from others and myself. I have done the work and perfected the formula I use to find my dream career and live a regret free life, which I will share with you in my program. So you can discover your dream career and live a regret free life as well.

          I am going to teach you how to talk to your family so they will respect your decision. They don’t have to agree or being supportive at the beginning but it is important for them to respect you.

          I am going to teach you how to recognize the signs that are time to change your career. Sometimes people feel dissatisfied with their job but that doesn’t mean they have to quit the job completely. They only need to change few small things.

          I help people just like you explore their passion, clear their goal, identify the problems and manage to solve the problems in order to get what they really want in their life.

This  is  my  purpose!  What  is  yours?

What are you waiting for? Book the 30 min Discovery Call and let’s find out!

If you have any question for me, please email info@yanrancareercoaching.com, we will reply within 12hrs.

By the way, there are five fun facts about me:

  • I grow up in China and came to America by accident. Because I ran away from home to find my purpose in life and somehow my mom thought it is safer for me to go to a completely unfamiliar country than stay in my own city.

  • For the longest time, I thought I were going to be a model until I realized I am never getting taller. So I got a bachelor in fashion design and had my own model. (You will hear this inspirational story in my email newsletter.)

  • I met my husband in Arizona and lived together for 3 years before we got married and I never told my family until 3 months after marriage. (My mom was open-minded, my dad, on the other hand, was not but my grandma was very happy!)

  • I love cats. However, I have never had a cat instead I had many dogs and the two boys I have now don’t like cats very much!

  • I believe you can get anything you want if you just do it instead of thinking about it!